Daleel Advertising Co.


Creative Studio

The Daleel Creative Studio gallery showcases work by our artists and graphic designers. Our attentive designers provide an exquisite and catchy logos and complete corporate identities. Our clients’ work become a piece of art and draws a diverse public attention from within GCC and overseas. The gallery has many artworks throughout the year so there is always something new to see.

Signage Solution

Since the day we established the Signages Factory, our Signage Solutions portfolio has grown to become one of the most respected signage businesses in Al-Khobar City. All manufacturing and digital print is done in our factory, and our team install and erect signage across the Eastern Province. We understand the value of displaying the right sign and can work with you to maximize the benefit from your signage investment. We study the climate and the spaces where your signs will be placed to ensure it lasts forever.

Web Solution

Our mission is to provide inspirational, motivating and insightful websites. The Web Solutions gallery showcases the best web designs of different types, subjects, and styles. Daleel team designs and develops responsive websites that are suitable for computers and mobile phones, and also mobile and tablet applications with your needs, audiences and budget in mind.

Corporate Gift

Daleel Advertising provides timeless, and unique items tailored to your requirements and marketing budget throughout the year. Our services include customizing the items with your logo, and protecting the colors’ quality using our Printing Press for Digital, Offset, Silkscreen, Heat Press and Thermal printing. If you would like to see our full collections, you are most welcomed to visit our showroom based in Al-khobar city.

Campaign & Event

Daleel has the pleasure of working with some of the most well known companies in the world. We had the privilege to engage with clients and help them increase visibility, achieve company goals and thrive in a networked world where customers become increasingly empowered. Our clients become partners, as we work collaboratively to achieve results they can measure for any industry.

Photo Shooting

To celebrate your achievements, Daleel captures all the right moments while you are enjoying the event and entertaining your guests. As we understand the Saudi culture, our photography services do not touch cultural sensitivity. The gallery archive our projects of professional shooting for Events and Marketing materials.

Social Media

We are proud of our partnership with our clients for handling their Social Media accounts. Here you find our clients’ profiles on Social Networks.